Talk to Your Kids

How to Protect Your Kids Ears

Have you ever had a hard time believing what God says about you? You know the truth but it can be hard to hear it when you are bombarded with lies. Like us, our kids will go through seasons where this will happen to them. Thankfully, we can protect ourselves, and our children, by learning to discern exactly what we are hearing. There are two parts to this; i) protecting what we hear, and ii) training our ability to understand the source of what we hear to embrace the good and reject the bad.


There are so many voices that bombard our children. And each has a message that seeks to influence them one way or another. Media, TV, cartoons, YouTube, movies, music, school, friends, family members all have a voice that pushes to be heard in your life.

Today more than ever we have to be the gatekeeper to our homes and use our discernment to truly decide what we will allow in our homes. Why? because attached to each voice is a set of values that will either build up or tear down the work of God in a person’s life.

What words are being sung in the songs you allow into your home?

Do they seek to bring life and honour to the Lord?

Are these songs full of the current culture and its values?

Who are you chatting with on that game?

Who is commenting on your YouTube? Do you know them? And what is being said?

Are your children on social media?

Do you know the voices commenting, influencing and being given a place to speak over and within your child?

These are extremely important questions to ponder. And they do have implications. For our family at this stage I have decided to lead the way. My children do not have access to social media. I desire my home to be a place of rest for my children. Social media can be all consuming and I do not believe it adds to my children’s already busy lives. On the contrary, it provides access to your children in what is meant to be safe spaces (their home) with language and words that you would never allow to be spoken over your child if the person was actually there.



When my children were very young they started playing the piano with the Suzuki Method. This method trains the ear to listen to fine nuances within a piece of music. Through lots of practice and repetition and careful attention they developed a beautiful feel for music. This refinement and training of the ear came with intentionality.

It is the same with training our kids ears in the spiritual. We need to be very intentional. I love the following verse.

“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.” John 10:27-28

Everything we do needs to point to help our children to hear the Lord’s voice. That means we understand the fine nuances – we understand His tone. Whilst as parents we guard and protect them from negative, intimidatory, lying voices as much as we can, we can’t be there all the time. Learning to protect their own ears and most importantly, learn to hear the voice of God for themselves, is the best protection for their future we can give them.

How do we do this? We teach our kids to know the types of things He is likely to say, because this reveals His character and heart.

Here are some ideas:


  • Give time in your day to hearing what the Lord is saying.
  • Ask the Lord, “What is on your heart today?”
  • Read the Word so your children understand truth and develop in their discernment
  • Role play and give scenarios and ask them does this sound like Jesus or the enemy?
  • Teach your kids to not only hear but follow what the Lord may be saying.


There is great power in being intentional about helping our children to listen to what God is saying. Let us give them the best chance in hearing the one voice that matters in their world. Where we need to, let us strip back the other voices, especially those that seek to influence them negatively.

Remembrance Day 11th November

I didn't want today to pass by without teaching my kids some things about the importance of who has gone before us in our past to pay for our freedom.

"We acknowledge our inheritance by honouring those before us who paid a price so that we get for free what cost them so much" 
Mark Varughese

What is Remembrance Day?

Remembrance Day is also know as Poppy Day. It is a day that marked the end of the first world was. After was for continuous 4 years the guns were silent. This momentous event is marked on the 11th of November (11 month) at the 11th hour 1918.

Today it is 100 Years since this occurred for the first time. During this was 300 000 Australians were involved overseas in this was from 1914-1918. 60 000 Australians lost their lives.

The Poppy Story Video Explanation

What does the Poppy Symbolise?


The red of the poppy symbolises the blood that was shed of all those men and woman who gave their lives.


The black of the poppy represents the mourning for those who didn't have loved ones returning.


The green leaf of the poppy represents the grass and crops growing and the future prosperity after the was destroyed so much. The leaf is meant to be positioned at 11 o'clock and this represents the 11th day at the 11th hour that the war ended.

Afternoon Teapot Time & Anzac Biscuits

 I love to couple little chats with my children with a learning experience and memory.

We made ANZAC biscuits. These biscuits were eaten by soldiers in the trenches. We try and sit in the afternoon for 15 or so minutes and have a pot of tea and chats. We appreciate the soldiers who are today sent to fight battles overseas to protect us in Australia.

It is so important that our children know that people in our past have paid a price for us to have our freedom. Freedom always involves sacrifice. There is a cost to freedom. A fight between good and evil. Just like there is in the physical so it is in the spiritual. Freedom involves blood.

Spiritually Jesus was a sacrifice. He was a sacrifice so we can be free spiritually. We can have a relationship with Our Heavenly Father because of the Jesus dying on the cross.

ANZAC Colouring In Resource