How Many Chemicals do You Apply before Breakfast?

This year has been all about getting rid of chemicals and toxins. First in our home and now in my body. Toxins that are in our products as well as toxins that we consume.

Both of which can have a significant impact on our health and quality of life as a family. Have you done this yet? We are 99% chemical free in our home.

Toxins & Chemicals in Your Home

Go and get 3 products from your kitchen and bathroom and have a look at the chemical gobbledy goop words that are on the back. Chances are when you google the health benefits and then the word there are a myriad of health effects that occur with this one ingredient.


When I did this it actually shocked me! The average products I have been using for years and years and years! 


Get the products you use in the morning before you breakfast & add up the list of chemicals used. Think about the bathroom, kitchen products you would use, personal care products, sprays you use. How many chemicals are you exposing your body and family to?







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