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Establishing Routines in the Early Years

I love routine and after being a teacher for so many years I can see that not only do children thrive better but we function better when we know what is happening!

Routines help children to feel secure and help you to predict and anticipate what your child needs before there are melt downs and tantrums. When we embrace routine our days will have a better flow and go more smoothly.


Routine will help children to feel confident to know what is coming and what they need to do. This is especially important when you have more than one child.


Routines – Establishing A Routine in the Early Years has examples at each stage of what routine may look like. Sample timetables will give you a guide for your day but the flexibility to decide what is happening.


You will feel confident to make sure you are leading your child rather than being led by your child who may not know what they need. As you lead there will be less power struggles and this will make for a happier home.

When I had my first child I found I had just got the hang of sleeping but when he was about 14 months things began to change! His routine needed to change! He was bored and needed more stimulation.


You will find times for outdoor and indoor learning. I have included book time which is imperative for speech and language development.


You will also notice I completely shy away from technology and ipads. Our children need hands on activities, face to face interaction and human contact in the early years.


I cannot stress how important this is for brain development and helping your child to develop a LONG attention span that does not flitter every few seconds.


When you have a routine it changes as your child gets older but you will find your child is happier, sleeps better and feels more connected to you because you are attentive and engaged.


I hope your family will reap the benefits each and every new day as you get into a rhythm that works for you.


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