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Build the The Simple Automation Framework into your Business so you Have More Time, Freedom & Profits.


Are you here because you want more time, freedom and profits in your business, but this is not the reality yet?

I want to reveal how you can do that. 

You can actually build a business you love and you can reclaim hours back every week.

I created this specifically for busy business owners in mind.

Together we work together to implement foundational systems you need underpinning your business.

You do what you are good at and I help with all the tech..

First, I must warn you :

There are limited spaces available in
The Simple Automation Framework.....

Why is this?

I will be working 1:1 with you to build these systems with you. That immediately limits the amount of ladies that can join me.


If you are interested in reclaiming your lost time, freedom and profits…

You know you need to get more organised so you are not just doing, doing, doing all the things…

Getting your programs filled, trying to create new programs, nurturing existing clients, closing sales, managing your inbox, answering all your calls, dealing with all your accounts…….

Are you a one woman band, hustling along!

Rather than creating a life have you created a job?

Please keep reading.

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting, trying to grow or wanting to scale, you need systems working for you in your business.

Everything changed when I discovered automation.

With automation you can reclaim your time, freedom and profits….

With the extra time you can focus on areas of your business that are income producing tasks, you can scale your business without having limitations on your time.

What would you enjoy doing with the extra free time?

Take a morning off a week, never miss a recital, have some extended weekend trips…..

Are you tired of the overwhelm in your business? Would you like to do something about it? Are you overwhelmed with the tech to get it done?

You don’t need to just dream about doing this you actually just need to get on with it and get it done with me by your side……..

It doesn’t have to be hard…..

You can ditch the overwhelm and leave confusion behind. You can create more time, freedom and profits in your business.

Work one on one with me to create the foundational custom systems you need in your business.

Let's Go Through Everything You Get The Simple Automation Framework

The Simple Automation Framework Framework  The Simple Automation Framework contains my 7 foundational systems that you need in your business to create more time, freedom and profits in your business.

System #1 The Attract System – Get to know every lead that comes into your business. Build a relationship automatically with them and get them to know you, like you and trust you. 

System #2 The Capture System – Create your first digital product to sell on autopilot automagically! Offer great value and start being your go to person in your industry! 

System #3 The Nurture System – Strategically plan out some content that demonstrates your expertise in your area of expertise.  Not many people do this but you can learn how!

System #4 The Call to Convert System – Stop the forwards and backwards just trying to make a time to chat with potential clients and customers. Never cold call again. Gently guide your prospects to getting on calls with you and closing the deal.

System #5 The Care System – Give extra care and attention to your new clients and onboard them seamlessly into your business. Take the time to show each client they matter. This can be automate, and I’ll show you how!

System #6 The Deliver System – Don’t leave money on the table. Invite your clients to take the next step with you. Do you have a course, work shop or coaching that takes the customer to the next level with you.

System #7 The Feedback System – Generate testimonials that you can use in your business automatically. Never miss getting feedback and work with your raving fans!