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Goals for My Family & Home

The goals for my family and my home are simple.

I want my home to be peaceful, filled with happiness, and health. Simple things but for many years have been elusive. Elusive because you can’t HAVE these things unless you ARE these things. To have a home filled with these things means I have to FIRST be in that place.


You can’t give what you don’t possess

After working full time as a teacher, I find myself back in the home. My kids are teens and I have a soon to be walking toddler! SO I have quite the age range! My life has completely changed. I find myself thinking deeply about how I can count my days with my children. I am so excited (probably for the first time in my life) on truly working on ME becoming PEACEFUL, HAPPY & HEALTHY. If I nourish myself then I actually have something to give. I am not running out on empty.


There is so much packed into each word relating to what each goal means.



Peace speaks of freedom from disturbance and having a state of mental and emotional calm.

tranquillitycalmcalmness, restfulness, peace and quiet, peacefulness, quietquietnessquietudesilence,

soundlessness, hush, noiselessness, stillnessstill


Happiness means you feel or show pleasure or contentment.

contentdelightedjoyful, jubilant


Healthy speaks of being in a good physical or mental condition; in good health.


It’s interesting because you can’t just say to someone ” BE peaceful, happy and healthy”. These states are complex emotions that require action in many areas of our lives. For example a peaceful home will never occur when there is disorder, chaos and lack of rest. Healthy will not happen if we nourish our bodies the wrong way.Working to bring organisation, routine and learning how to nourish ourselves spiritually & physically this will help with the atmosphere in our homes so we can make them – Peaceful, Happy & Healthy.When you run on empty you have a shorter fuse and you just think about SURVIVING life and not CREATING the life that you are intended to have. We were designed to ENJOY and not just ENDURE life.

It is definitely a time to be deliberate in what I am sowing into my children and creating the peaceful, happy & healthy home they deserve – with a truly present Mumma.


Make sure you sign up for resources I am creating for my home to do this. AS I delve into each goal on

Leave a comment below and let me know about your goals for your family….

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