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What are Digital Marketing Day Rates?

What Digital Marketing Day Rates?

Day Rates are where you can book me (Ruthie) to use my years of experience and efficiency to work exclusively on your digital marketing project for your business. You book me for a day and I work on your specific and focused project goals. 

A Day Rate Project  can significantly condense what is a typically 3 month project to finished and ready to go in less than a week project! You do need to be mindful that there will be prep work and because every project is different my examples are estimates of what can be done. 

What Digital Marketing Areas Do You Support Businesses In?

Whether you are a business that is looking at Web Development, Training, Course, Membership, Client portals, your Customer Relationship Management, Email, Social Media, Tech Support, Systems or Business Automation we can support you in your business. 

Here are some examples of how we can support you in your business?

When you are looking at Digital Marketing Day Rates we help our clients with many different projects.
Every client is different but here are some day rate projects that we have worked on….


– Build New Website
– Edit Existing Website
– Speed Optimisation
– Add New Page
– Add Blog
– Add Online Store
– Fix any issues & more…
– Manage WordPress site
– Make design edits and tweaks


– Set up course
– Set up a membership program
– Automate client logins
– Set up drip feed and email campaigns
– Set up exclusive area for clients
– Set up Inner Circle
– Automate enrollment process
– Restrict course access
– Create and embed forms


– Build email list
– Develop email nurture for new sign ups
– Onboard new clients into CRM
– Start to build out lead generation
– Work on converting clients from prospects to clients
– Set up booking system


– Set up digital ebook to sell on 1 page funnel
– One page sales funnel for digital course
– Add upsell products and downsell products
– Design Lead Magnet and Optin Form
– Set up payment gateway
– Integrate sales funnel with CRM


– Design, write and schedule social media
– Set up social media profiles
– Create a content plan for the month


– Monthly SEO packages available


– Problem solving
– Tech support
This is quite a list but by no means our full list of what we can do. If you are ready to find out more and we can work together lets get on a call and hear all about your business.
Use the expertise and experience of our team to get things done quicker and faster than if you hired an agency.  We focus on your project for the day we are are working with YOU! 

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