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Why do I Care More About Your Homework Than You?

I have definitely been doing something wrong. Wasn’t I created to enjoy motherhood and not ENDURE it! I dreaded the school term starting after such a wonderful break.  Endless questions of the same question…

Have you got your…………? (insert infinite possibilities!)

School lunches, homework, assignments and tests, pick up, drop off – did I mention homework?!.

The usual drill for after school is to come and sit at the table and the kids do their homework. The problem being most of the brain capacity to get the homework done was coming from me! Screaming, backchat – is this only in my house?


I have a completely new approach and it is actually working! One day after much hoaxing to just get the homework done I had a thought. It actually revolutionised my LIFE!

Why do I care more about 

your homework than YOU do?

Here I was running around using most of my brain power to answer questions questions, solve problems that weren’t mine, get resources for assignments etc etc etc. 

All the while someone couldn’t care less about the outcome. He knew if Mum worried enough she is there to answer questions I don’t know, she will get what ever I don’t have. 

I had become my sons secretary!

The first weeks of this term were miserable so I believeI came up with what has been a wonderful solution with amazing results!

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