What is Low Tox Living?

Have you ever stopped to consider what the ingredients that are on the back of everyday household products? So often we just assume with clever marketing that these products are organic, natural, safe and eco friendly. 

The scary truth of it is these products often contain 100's of chemicals. Once on our skin or in our bodies they accumulate and stay in our bodies a very long time. Think of all the products you will use in a day and not add up these chemicals from morning to bedtime..... Scary isn't it?!

Creating your home to be low tox is the journey of removing chemicals from your home. It's as simple as ditching then switching these products. We are the gate keepers to our homes so there is tremendous power in this. When we can know better we do better. 

We have been on our low tox journey for years now and it is so much easier than you think. Now I am here to share with you how easy it is, and to hold your hand on your own journey.

Every single product in your home can be replaced with a product which is save, without nasty chemicals and toxins. We upgrade our home one month at a time.

Low Tox Home & Family

Find out more about our Low Tox products book to learn more about our entire range of products for your home

About our Low Tox Journey

Want to learn more about how we became Low Tox? Read about Ruthie and her family's journey here...

Chemical Dangers in Your Home

Do you know the chemical dangers around your home? Ditching + switching is easy to do when you are aware, informed + educated. 

If you are ready to start your Low Tox journey + create your low tox home then simply message me to get started! 

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